Who we are

Executive Leadership

Founded in 2020, Sobah Systems focuses on the health care vertical, solving complex data acquisition, integration and process optimization challenges utilizing advanced analytics, automation and AI.

Sohail Mohammad


Sohail has 25+ years of experience in building and leading hi-tech companies and productive groups in diverse environments across Fortune 50, mid-level companies, and startups. With over 20 years dedicated to healthcare, Sohail is an expert in building complex enterprise systems involving healthcare institutions, physician groups, payors, and consumers that generate reductions in administrative overhead and improvements in patient outcomes.

Known for building enterprise software at half the cost and time compared to industry norms, Sohail is a sought-after public speaker advocating for simplifying user experience, lean processes, and meaningful technology.

David McCormick


David has 25+ years of experience in healthcare & technology startups with leadership roles at large hospital systems, ambulatory provider groups, and full risk networks. Prior to joining Sobah Systems, David served in a variety of C level roles where he was responsible for growing revenues from $2M to $50M, deploying $85M in investment across joint venture provider partnerships and providing managed services for 5000+ providers and $1B+ medical spend. 

During his tenure, over $200M in savings and incentive payments were returned to payer and provider partners through a combination of chronic care management, claims payment and utilization management services.

Our Team

Together We Achieve More

World Class Engineering Talent

We’ve assembled the top healthcare engineers on 3 continents to provide our clients outstanding project management & solution delivery services.  With decades of experience working with both Fortune 500 organizations and high-growth startups, our goal is not only to solve our client’s problems, but to transform them into market differentiators. We thrive on shaping innovation into action and bringing strategy to fruition, leveraging technology in exciting ways.

Outstanding strategists

We are at the forefront of innovation, driven by strategy and user experience. We will address the entire breadth of client opportunities t0 make your business desirable for customers, financially viable for stakeholders, and feasible to build and deliver to the world. Share with us your most ambitious projects and in return you will get digital products that will integrate seamlessly with your business goals.

Buoyant Storytellers

Our team believes that design brings stories to life. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our tailor-made solutions convey their stories.

Our core focus is to combine divergent ideas and creativity to design effective solutions that break the mold. The Sobah team unites with our clients to work as a synchronized unit, an extension of the team, to ensure that we can deliver you with engaging and emotionally connected products.

Artistic Visionaries

A successful product is one that can answer an unmet need of end users. Through design minded thinking and conversations, we ensure that our human-centered approach allows us to close the gap between design and engineering.

Our team will translate ideas into beautiful, usable ingenious digital products. We will discover gaps and identify opportunities, find solutions, explore and design creative options, and imagine much more.

Humble Enthusiasts

We are digital artisans. Passion for innovation is an ethos which is embedded into Sobah System’s genetic code.

Our goal is not only to solve people’s problems, but to redefine and transform them. We thrive on connecting the intangibles and shaping ideas into action, humanising technology in exciting ways. Let’s build together.

Got an idea?

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