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Civic engagement portal

A US based organization with a vision to bring a change in the US society by simplifying, enriching and empowering the citizen experience of their politics.

About this Project

This was a national project that addressed multiple challenges:

  1. Data resides in diverse data sources across the public domains: websites, excels, APIs, PDFs, social media and 3rd party applications. There are more than 50,000 unique data sources with their own formats and spectrum ranging from unstructured to structured data. We built an end to end system that continuously ingests data from all these sources and presents them in a portal to the users.
  2. Search Engine optimization strategy execution that enables this site to be regarded as a national expert in all things USA politics. We used most search keywords to stitch rich and dynamic content that uniquely identifies organizational expertise in comparison to the users.
  3. User experience that provides access to information in an interesting and easy to access manner.

Our Team

UX Designer: Developed a comprehensive and engaging portal layout to display diverse political data.

Data Analyst: Played a crucial role in identifying and categorizing diverse data sources.

Solutions Architect & Data Architects: Collaboratively built a robust system that could ingest vast amounts of data.

Data Scientist: Analyzed ingested data for deeper insights into user behaviors and preferences.
Programmers: Facilitated the data ingestion and presentation on the portal.
SEO Expert & Content Writers: Ensured that the portal’s content was optimized for visibility and portrayed the organization’s expertise.

Domain & Technology

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
  • AI
  • Data Warehouse
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Power BI
  • Angular
  • Python
  • .Net Core
  • Azure SQL
  • Figma


The completion of the project within the timeline and budget transcended basic success metrics. The tailor-made native app for both Android and iOS platforms has empowered 900 surveyor technicians across nine states, optimizing their operational efficiency and responsiveness. The seamless integration with the client’s legacy system further ensured continuity and enhanced user experience, reflected in the 100% adoption rate in the production phase. The project’s success has not only resolved the immediate operational challenges but also positioned the client for heightened productivity and streamlined processes in their future endeavors.

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