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AI Task Management

Generative AI enabled task management product for legal industry using Microsoft Graph API

About this Project

In a world where seamless connectivity and efficiency are paramount, our client, an innovative startup, envisioned a refined and integrated user experience harnessing the power of Microsoft Graph API. Many organizations rely heavily on Microsoft Tools such as Teams and Outlook for their daily operations, presenting a unique challenge and opportunity. Our client’s goal was to enhance the existing experience, creating a unified interface that intuitively links emails, tasks, and calendars, offering users a comprehensive and real-time view of their workload.

The project involved the development of a versatile software, compatible with web, desktop, and mobile platforms (iOS and Android), ensuring accessibility and efficiency for users across various devices. The task was not without its challenges. The critical demand was to create a tool that would be immediately adaptable, minimizing the users’ cognitive workload and ensuring a seamless transition from existing systems.

To add a layer of sophistication and utility, a generative AI chatbot was integrated into the system. This advanced feature facilitates instruction-based work management for each user, streamlining task organization and management. Although the first implementation was in a legal firm, the versatile nature of the product makes it suitable for diverse industries, further highlighting its innovative design and functionality.

Our Team

Solutions Architect: Entrusted with overseeing the comprehensive design and integration of the task management product within various Microsoft tools.

Front-end & Back-end Developers: Tasked with the development of the robust multi-platform software, ensuring seamless synchronization and functionality across diverse platforms.

Mobile App Developer: Responsible for the meticulous customization of the software, ensuring its optimal performance on both iOS and Android platforms.
AI Developer: Spearheaded the creation of the advanced generative AI chatbot, a cornerstone feature enabling streamlined and intuitive task management.

Domain & Technology

  • MS graph API
  • Angular
  • React Native
  • Azure SQL
  • GPT 3.5, Langchain


The project’s culmination saw the seamless integration of the innovative tool within the legal professionals’ existing workflows, exemplifying adaptability and efficiency. The inclusion of the AI chatbot revolutionized task management, offering rapid, intuitive, and tailored assistance to each user. The tool has been warmly received, with feedback highlighting the significant enhancement in productivity and efficiency it delivers. The project’s success has set a robust foundation, and the momentum towards the development and execution of Phase 3 is in progress.

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