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Machine Learning/AI

We organize your data jungle, extract insights, and build predictive systems to enable improvements in your business.

Stories bring change

Consistent out-prediction

Our experts review your data and unearth patterns and predictions. We use most modern tools and techniques of data science to work with you and bring results through combining science and arts.

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Strategic Planning
Plan AI and Data Science implementation to create discovery processes and take a dive into deep insights. Our experts review your data and predict the path. We help create a new economy based on craft, individualization and your participation in the process of creation.
Business Intelligence
Use unbiased research and exploratory data analysis techniques to surface actionable insights on your operations, projects, markets, or competition. Whether unpacking complex systems or distilling insights, we enjoy identifying patterns and nuanced behaviors that influence experiences. We use stories to bring change.
Use clean, secure, stable, and extensible Meta-Heuristic and Operations Research algorithms to break down complexity and solve difficult problems. This is where miracles happen. We solve problems through design and collaboration by taking a ‘data informed, empathy driven’ approach.
Time-series Forecasting
Stay ahead of the future by using predictive models to forecast and anticipate market trends. Our experts will review your historic data, connect with your domain champions and connect dots forward. With every cycle, you will see accuracy of prediction climbing.
Use cutting edge ML algorithms to automate your process and cut costs. Dependence on human analysts is costly - you want your analyst to review results by an AI - not do the paperwork themselves. That’s where you up the game for your team.
Recommender Systems
Effectively target clients by building personalized recommender systems to recommend content, products, or ads. Human behaviors are predictable - they prefer cutting the chase and seeing what they need to. We help you achieve this and create lean recommender system for you.
Natural Language Processing
Develop interactive conversational chatbots, sentiment and emotion analysis systems, span detectors, and processes large texts to extract insights using text analysis generation and analysis techniques. Your system understands your users and evolves through cycles of sophistication and intelligence with time.
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