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Staff Augmentation

Extend your in-house development team by hiring the cream of the crop remotely on a short-term or long-term basis. 

Silicon Valley caliber talent

…At half the price

We bring you top 2% talent, per-vetted and remote. We know over 100 technologies and our exceptional talent pool consists of architects, designers, developers, testers, configuration managers, database engineers, data scientists and project managers. You can not go wrong !

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Lower Operational Costs
Reduced Operating Costs Eliminating the price of office space, equipment, and taxes will lower your company's spending.
Access to Vetted Talent
You may immediately access a sizable talent pool at reasonable prices. Hire qualified professionals to strengthen your team.
We handle the legal stuff
We continue to serve as the official employer of your hires for our IT augmentation services. All legal duties and paperwork are handled by our firm.
Recruiting is not a hassle
Your business will avoid the trouble of looking for and hiring verified development expertise with the help of our IT augmentation services. We handle the selection procedure and provide you with high-quality staff.
Deadlines that are Tight
Increase your technical proficiency when working under pressure. Our development team works tirelessly to complete the project on schedule.
Total Control
Selecting your team members carefully and taking part in the hiring process are both encouraged. Manage the success of your project and keep up with any changes.
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