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Azure ETL Migration

Transforming Traditional ETL Processes with Azure

About this Project

A healthcare client with heavy reliance on classical Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) services was facing challenges in managing frequent data updates. Employing a team of 10 engineers, they were dedicated to the meticulous task of cleansing, refining, and transforming data to be seamlessly ingested by their enterprise system.
Recognizing the inefficiencies and limitations of this approach, we proposed a shift: migrating the entire data engineering process to Azure Data Factory and related Azure services. This transition was not just about changing platforms; it was about leveraging modern techniques to automate and refine processes that were previously labor-intensive.

Our Team

Lead Data Engineer: Oversaw the migration process from traditional ETL services to Azure Data Factory.

Azure Specialists: Guided the integration and optimization within Azure services.

Systems Integrators: Ensured seamless data flow and functionality during and after the migration.

Domain & Technology

  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Pipeline
  • ETL Services


The transformative power of the migration was evident almost immediately. Automated processes, combined with the capabilities of Azure, not only accelerated the data engineering but also enhanced its accuracy. One of the most significant outcomes was the dramatic reduction in manpower, dropping the need from 10 full-time engineers to just 3. This optimization, along with the improved accuracy, showcased the tangible benefits of modernizing data processes with Azure.

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