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Enterprise Ops Dashboard

Build a dashboard for operational control of enterprise backend activities

About this Project

Client was interested in building a sophisticated dashboard as a control center that tracks various activities like:

  1. Monitoring automation bots activities that source data from diverse data sources
  2. Scheduling agents that perform various automation activities
  3. Web and mobile application performances matrices
  4. Users activities history, data trail and traffic
  5. Content management for SEO activities

Our Team

UX Designer: Conceived an interactive dashboard design, presenting comprehensive operational insights.

Data Analyst: Analyzed diverse data points from bots to user activities for dashboard integration.
Solutions Architect: Laid out the dashboard’s design and its integration points.
Data Architects & Data Scientist: Collaborated on data storage and insight generation.

Programmers: Implemented the various functionalities of the dashboard.
SEO Expert: Offering strategies to ensure the dashboard’s contents remain optimized for targeted users.

Domain & Technology

  • Azure
  • Angular
  • Python
  • Azure SQL
  • Power Automate


The operational dashboard has delivered a comprehensive and unified view of varied metrics. Bot activities, performance analytics, and user interactions have become considerably more transparent. The integrated approach to SEO content management has further optimized the organization’s digital footprint. With the dashboard now live, stakeholders are experiencing first hand its benefits.

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