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Extending client team

Extended client’s in-house team by embedding 2 team members specializing in data analysis and reporting

About this Project

Client is a large non profit organization operating for over 50 years. Our full time resources enabled alignment of clients diverse data sources, streamlining ETL activities and dashboard creation in power BI for the executive. Dashboard provides real time reporting on donation stats and market outreach metrics.

Our Team

2 Data Analysts: Embedded within the client’s in-house team, these analysts worked on data source alignment, streamlined ETL activities, and assisted in dashboard creation for real-time reporting.

Domain & Technology

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Power BI
  • Azure Data factory
  • SQL Server


Integrating our data analysts into the client’s team has amplified their data analysis capabilities. The real-time dashboards, presenting crucial metrics, have been a game-changer for the executive team. This collaboration has not only elevated data handling processes but has also fostered a strong working relationship between the teams.

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