Building a native app for 900 surveyor technicians to work on tickets in within close vicinity to their location and upload site images

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A utility surveyor organization across 9 US states required their technicians to stay mobile and operate through a native phone app. Our team built an app for android and IOS to facilitate ticket management and allow uploading and indexing site images. App integrated with the client’s legacy application as additional user interface to their existing web interface.
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CHWE reached out to the Sobah team for this project after failing to get required delivery from 3 different partners in the past.

This problem involves data sources from over 50,000 different sources, where most of the data is unstructured.

Additionally, the user experience of the portal required encouraging citizens to be involved in their politics – a challenge that has eluded younger generations over the last few decades. Most importantly, the initiative is non-partisan and required completely neutral and data driven content to avoid any bias in the insights provided to the citizens.


The client required our team to conduct a thorough and careful study of data sources, architectural choices and innovative search engine optimization techniques. Product involved a sophisticated phased roadmap required to be delivered over a period of years. The core requirement was to build a highly scalable, adaptable and agile product framework and architecture. We were also tasked with engaging content writers to deliver thousands of articles for educating citizens on various topics related with their politics and society. Product envisioned additional roles and content created for analysts and institutions that require bulk data and deeper insights using data analytics and AI.

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The completion of the project within the timeline and budget transcended basic success metrics. The tailor-made native app for both Android and iOS platforms has empowered 900 surveyor technicians across nine states, optimizing their operational efficiency and responsiveness. The seamless integration with the client’s legacy system further ensured continuity and enhanced user experience, reflected in the 100% adoption rate in the production phase. The project’s success has not only resolved the immediate operational challenges but also positioned the client for heightened productivity and streamlined processes in their future endeavors.

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