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Patient Care Portal

Building a Comprehensive Care Management Portal

About this Project

In an era where healthcare is driven by digital innovation, a prominent public healthcare company sought to redefine their care management approach. The vision was to empower care managers with a digital portal, focusing on high-risk patients. This application would not only facilitate efficient communication with these patients but also enable the creation of tailored care plans, dynamic sharing of medical records with providers, and robust documentation. Additionally, the portal was designed to foster collaboration among the care management team. From task assignment to performance measurement based on patient outcomes, every feature was meticulously crafted to enhance team efficiency and patient-centric care.

Our Team

Lead Developer: Spearheaded the development of the digital portal.

UX/UI Designers: Tailored the user experience, focusing on simplicity and efficiency.

Database Engineers: Managed data storage, retrieval, and integrity throughout the project.
QA Testers: Ensured that the portal met stringent quality and performance benchmarks.

Domain & Technology

  • ASP.Net
  • .Net Framework
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Azure Infrastructure


The results were reflective of the portal’s efficacy. The customer, recognizing the potential and value of the solution, opted for a six-year license. Moreover, their investment facilitated the product’s continuous enhancement, ensuring it remained at the forefront of care management. Over time, this not only led to the product’s maturity but also significantly improved patient outcomes.

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