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Process automation

Automating collection and submission of quality measures data

About this Project

A prominent US healthcare organization sought to streamline their CMS data submission process. The objective was to implement an intelligent, self-adapting process to support automation, with the aim of reducing the FTE count by 2. Our team devised a suite of algorithms paired with bots. These bots were designed to efficiently gather pertinent data from the Electronic Health Record System’s operational workflow. Once collected, another bot would then authenticate into the quality submission system, input the data, retrieve and interpret the results, and finally, display actionable insights on a dedicated dashboard.

Our Team

Solutions Architect: Spearheaded the integration of bots within the Electronic Health Record System and ensured seamless data flow.

2 Programmers: Implemented the suite of algorithms for data gathering and submission processes.

Tester: Verified the efficacy of the bots and ensured data integrity during the automation process.

Domain & Technology

  • ASP.Net
  • MS Power Automate
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure BLOB Storage


The project’s timely and on-budget completion marked a significant milestone for our client, a leading US healthcare organization. The advanced automation strategies deployed not only met the initial goal of reducing the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) count by 2 but also revolutionized their CMS data submission process. The seamless integration of bots facilitated efficient data collection, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. This strategic shift enabled the organization to better focus on actionable insights, ultimately enhancing their healthcare delivery and optimizing operational efficiency. The tangible success of this project set a robust foundation for potential future collaborations and technological advancements.

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