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SDOH Data Insights

Data-Driven Approach to Social Determinants of Health Analysis

About this Project

Amid the evolving landscape of healthcare, understanding and integrating Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) into patient care is crucial. To meet this challenge for accountable care organizations, our team developed an innovative system leveraging claims data to refine SDOH analysis. Utilizing a third-party predictive modeling system, our solution infused SDOH factors into comprehensive risk assessment for patients. Beyond mere assessment, it transformed SDOH data into actionable insights, empowering providers, care managers, and nursing staff to devise and deploy proactive, informed care strategies.

Our Team

Lead Data Analyst: Drove the integration of SDOH elements into risk assessment models.

Web Developers: Constructed the system’s interface ensuring user-friendliness.

Database Engineers: Handled the storage and retrieval of patient data for the project.

Domain & Technology

  • Web-Based Technologies
  • SQL Server
  • Browser Plug-ins


The project was a resounding success, with the system adeptly capturing and converting key SDOH elements, which influence 70% of a patient’s health, into actionable tasks. This approach significantly enhanced the positive impact on patient population health, enabling healthcare providers to address SDOH factors effectively and contribute substantially to overall health improvement.

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